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Industrial Automation Repair is a leading Servo Motor Repair company in USA and Canada with state of the art servo repair facility. Industrial Automation Repair has certified Servo Motor Technicians of all manufacturers to Repair your Servo Motor . Industrial Automation Repair has specialized in Servo Drive Repair, Servo Motor Repair and electronics repair. Industrial Automation Repair Inc has knowledge and 150 years combined experience to provide our customers highest quality services. Industrial Automation Repair Inc has complete testing set up for most common and very complex servo drives with matching servo motors.

  1. Free Estimates - No Surprises (Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.)
  2. 24 Hours call center to repair your servo motors.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Siemens servo Motors, Resolver, Encoders and Connectors.
  4. State of art Testing Facility.
  5. All work is done in house.

Supported AMICON Industrial Electronics Manufacturers

  PD34A05YNNN 5HP   TPM2-220/240-3
  TPM2-220/240-5   TPM21-380/290
  TPM22-220/170-2   TPM22-380/290
  TPM32-0522A   TPM32-0524A
  TPM32-0524A-F   TPM32-0524B30HP
  TPM32-126-2B   TPM32-415-52-2A
  TPM32-500/520   TPM32-500/600
  TPY2-121X .75HP   TPY2-154A 1.5HP
  TPY2-301A-3HP 3HP   TPY2-304A-1.5HP 1.5HP
  TPY2-304A-2HP 2HP   TPY2-304A-3HP 3HP
  TPY2-304A-5HP 5HP   TPY2-415/280 5HP
  TPY2-415/320 5HP   TPY2-421A
  TPY2-424A   TPY3-0164B-3HP
  TPY3-0324B-10H   TPY3-110-2B
  TPY3-1122A   TPY3-280-2B
  TPY3-415/440   TPY3-415/480
  TPY3-500/520   TPY3-500/600
  TPY3A-0322B   TPY3A-0324B
  TPY3A-0562A   TPY3A-0562A-10H
  TPY3A-0562BS15H   TPY3A-1122A
  TPY3A-1124B   TPY3A-1484B
  TPY3A-164B-3HP   TPY3A-164B-5HP
  TPY3A-500/600   TPY3A-56-4A-F
  TPY3A-564B-30HP   TPY3A-7124B-40
  TPY3A-88-4B   TPM22202405
  TPM222201702   TPM320522A
  TPM320524A   TPM320524AF
  TPM321262B   TPM32500600
  TPY2301A   TPY2304A
  TPY2415280   TPY2415320
  TPY2421A 5HP   TPY2424A
  TPY30324B10H   TPY31122A
  TPY32802B   TPY3415480
  TPY3500520   TPY3A0324B10H
  TPY3A0324B20H   TPY3A0562A10H
  TPY3A1124B60H   TPY3A564AF
  TPY3A7124B40   TPY3A884B

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Motor and Drive brands including Vicker, Lenze, Kuka, Pacific Valve, Mitsubishi, Scientific Valve, Okuma, ABB, Moog, Allen Bradley, Kollmorgen, Emerson, Sanyo, Mazak, Giddings & Lewis, Fadal, Mori Seiki, Matsuura, Haas, Toyoda, Makino, Aida, Denki Electronics, Baumuller, ElectroCraft, SEW, SEM, Parvex, Elau, Bosch, Nachi, Panasonic, Rexroth, Exlar Encoder Repair, Siemens encoder ERN1387, Siemens Encoder EQN1325, Siemens Encoder EQI1325, Siemens Servo Motor Repair, Siemens Servo Repair, Siemens 1FK6 Servo Repair, Siemens 1FK7 Servo Repair, Siemens 1FT5 Servo Motor Repair, Siemens 1HU5 DC Servo Repair, Indramat Digital Controller Repair, Indramat HDS drive Repair, Indramat DKS drive Repair, Indramat HDD drive Repair, Indramat HVE Power Supply Repair, Indramat DKC Drive Repair, Indramat TDA Drive Repair, Indramat PPC controller Repair, Indramat TDM Controller Repair, Indramat KDA Drive Repair, Indramat RAC Drive Repair, Indramat DKR Drive Repair, Indramat ECO Drive Repair, Indramat HZK Drive Repair, Indramat CDM Drive Repair, Indramat DDS2.1 Drive Repair, Indramat DDS2.2 Drive Repair, Indramat DDS Drive Repair, Indramat HVR Power Supply Repair, Indramat KDA Drive Repair and Indramat PCB Board Repair, Indramat MDD Servo Motor Repair, Indramat Servo Repair, Indramat MSK Servo Repair, Indramat MAC Servo Repair, Indramat MHD Servo Repair, Indramat MKD Servo Repair, Indramat 2AD Spindle Repair, Indramat DSF Digital Encoder Repair, Bosch Rexroth Servo Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Repair, Allen Bradley MPL Servo Repair, Allen Bradley Kinetic Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Panel View Repair, Allen Bradley PLC Repair, Allen Bradley Controller Repair, Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair , Yaskawa Drive Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Drive Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Servo Drive Repair, Fanuc Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Power Supply Repair, Fanuc Controller Repair, Parker Servo Drive Repair, Parker Servo Motor Repair, Heidenhain Encoder Repair, Yaskawa USAREM Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGM Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGDA Servo Repair, Yaskawa CIMR Drive Repair, Yaskawa SGMGH Servo Repair, Yaskawa USASEM Servo repair, Yaskawa SGMAH Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMP Servo repair, Yaskawa USAGED Servo Repair, Yaskawa USAFED Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMAJ Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMD Servo Repair